Personal & Quirky Reflections & Intentions

As we shift from one decade to another I’d like to share with you what I’m really grateful for.  Please do share your thoughts, resolutions, gratitudes, intentions …  

I am really grateful for:

  • My son Alex, who’s grown from a toddling 2 year old to the threshold of teenagerdom and brought us such joy, fun, enrichment and learning…
  • My Mum, who died 7 years ago and whose wisdom, beauty and grace is with me every day. I thought I had lost her when she died but have learnt that she is all here all the time …
  • The rest of my family for ‘being there’, keeping me sane and sharing the good and bad times, even when we drive each other crazy 🙂
  • Dear friends who share the journey, allow me to fail, be ‘out of order’ and forgive me every time … and for those friends who I have lost touch with but who are still in my heart ….
  • All the very special clients, colleagues and people I have worked with – thank you for sharing your lives, loves, aspirations, hopes, problems and dreams – such a privilege …
  • Living and working in such a beautiful part of the world
  • Good health and that of those around me
  • The luxury of being able to look forward to the coming decade from the warmth and safety (hopefully!) of my own home
  • For learning the difference between desiring what I don’t have, and being content with all that I am blessed with …

My INTENTION for the coming decade is to live as much as possible in the PRESENT, to appreciate all that is good around me, to share what I can with others and be open and  positive to whatever DESTINY may have in mind in 2010 and beyond  …

I wish you all that you wish for yourself in the coming year, with an extra dash of magical  quirkiness 🙂


6 responses to “Personal & Quirky Reflections & Intentions

  1. I share your optimism. No more hospitals, all children in work, no debt no mortgage. Being able to travel, to Paris, Kendal Record Office, Broughton Mills [family] and if things go well financially off to Australia for a month. The is something to look forward to. Warm weather, not so much rain. Libraries. Small wishes?


  2. Zoe – great reflections for the new year. I’m not a fan either of resolutions and you have captured the important things perfectly. All good things for 2010!


  3. Zoe, beautifully said, love your intentions. And good luck with your teenagerdom:-) Breathe, smile and be happy.


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