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21 things I really love about Lancashire

Born in Southport, when this seaside town was a part of Lancashire, not Merseyside, I moved far away for many years but have been living back in the Red Rose County for a long time now.  My current home is Carnforth on the Cumbria border.  It’s a straightforward little place with a strong railway heritage, famous as the setting for classic 1940s weepie, ‘Brief Encounter’.

A porter's trolley loaded with suitcases at the top of a ramp below the station clock at Carnforth Station, a location used for the 1945 film 'Brief Encounter', Carnforth, Lancashire, England.

Here are 21 things I really love about Lancashire 

1. Sunny beaches, brash piers, crazy fairground and Victorian architecture in Blackpool.

2.  The butteriness of Chorley Cakes

3.  The clanking of halyards on yachts in Glasson Dock

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