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Best History Culture Blogger - vote Zoe Dawes

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know how much I love culture and history. Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by both subjects. The world is created by its history which is linked closely to its culture. People make travel fascinating and people create history and culture. Of course, I also really enjoy writing so The Quirky Traveller Blog is the perfect place to share my love for it all.

The Pleasure of Travel Writing - by Zoe Dawes

I’ve written often about these topics, most recently about a cultural weekend in Amsterdam, and have interviewed experts to explore what cultural tourism is all about. So I am delighted to be nominated by DFDS in the Best History and Culture Blogger 2015 competition.

Best Travel Blogger of the Year

Yes,  this is what some call a ‘popularity contest’ because it is based on how many people you can persuade to vote via Social Media, rather than how ‘good’ the blogs are. However IF, and ONLY IF, you enjoy my writing then I would be really pleased to receive your vote as Best Culture and History Blogger. It only takes a few seconds – just click here  Many thanks 🙂


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