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A Heart is like a Compass

A Heart is Like a Compass

A heart does not understand boundaries
A heart is like a compass
It only knows what it feels
and points that way

A compass needle knows only to point to true North
A heart only points in a direction it feels True
My heart only points, without shame, to you
The same, no matter where I turn, or what I do

Loving you seems the only thing to do

By James T Adair

Boxed compass - photo zoedawes

“Life is a journey” is seen as a cliché these days yet, as with many clichés  it has a resonance to which we can all relate.  The compass is a tangible symbol for the adventure that is life and the different paths and directions we take along the way.   Continue reading


The Amphitheatre of Aphrodisias in Turkey

Cicadas zither noisily in the midday sun.  The heat is all-enveloping and brings out the scent of oregano and basil, whilst in the distance the tap-tapping of a lone archaeologist travels across seemingly endless columns, archways and fallen statues.

Aphrodisias Amphitheatre Turkey - photo zoedawes

Sitting half way up the cool marble seats of the Theatre at Aphrodisias, Turkey, you are transported to another world; a world without the immediate gratification of internet access, mobile phone messages, plane travel and fast food. Continue reading