About Zoë Dawes

Zoe Dawes aka The Quirky Traveller

Hi, I’m Zoë;  welcome to my quirky world…

QUIRKY, for me, is about being real, about seeing the world from a different angle, about looking at things from all sides, finding the unusual, the interesting, the fascinating. It’s about quality combined with classiness, it’s about being curious about everything and wanting to know more…

Born in the seaside town of Southport, NW England, I have lived and worked all over the world. For 4 years I was in Greece, exploring the Mamma Mia life, then I moved to the Far East, having great adventures whilst living in Hong Kong and Singapore.  During those years I journeyed to many different countries, including Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, Nepal, America, Thailand, Borneo, the Philippines and Malaysia.  More recently I have travelled around Spain and France, stayed in Dubai and New Zealand.  Meeting new people, discovering fascinating cultures, eating strange foods and seeing curious customs, has fuelled my fascination with the breadth and depth of experiences that travel gifts to us.

A travel writer and speaker I give talks and radio chats on a wide range of travel topics and am currently researching how we inspire others.   Check out The Quirky Traveller blog for more of my writing and articles from other travellers.

I’m also a business coach specialising in Leadership for entrepreneurs, For more details on Leadership and Business Coaching, visit my website www.chartwellcoaching.co.uk

Now based in north Lancashire near the Lake District, one of the most diverse and lovely parts of the world, I share my passion for living with my family, including my son and friends throughout the UK and beyond.

These musings are about travels of mind, body and soul, recognising that life is not one, two or even three-dimensional, but multi-dimensional.  I look forward to sharing QUIRKY TRAVELLER TALES with you – a celebration of life, its magic and uniqueness.

CONTACT me: zoe@thequirkytraveller.com


9 responses to “About Zoë Dawes

  1. Hi Zoe

    What a lovely website. It’s always fun to hear other peoples travel stories and wonder if you have any top tips for Nice in France and/or
    South America? They are both on my list of places to visit before too long.

    Good luck with the site



  2. Thanks so much for your comments Hilary – much appreciated. I last went to Nice 20yrs ago so not much help – but Christine W goes there regularly … And not yet been to Sth America! Twitter is always great for info like that. Cheers Zoe


  3. Have been enjoying your tweets for awhile now and it’s good to read the whole where-you’ve-been background.


  4. Lovely site! hey – got any tips for Cornwall in June? Went there in April, with stepson and family to their holiday cottage, and we’re invited back in the summer. We want to stay with them for a few days but then find a gite or B&B to do our own thing. Last went to Cornwall for a holiday on our own over 20 years ago! Any suggestions? I’ve looked at Alistair Sawday and he has some excellent places but just wondered if you had any personal recommendations, Zoe! Happy New Year!


    • Thanks for comments Suzie. My favourite part of Cornwall is round Fowey http://www.fowey.co.uk – magical little place (tho v popular in the summer, but then where isn’t in Cornwall?!) Lots of coves and beaches, Daphne Du Maurier country and The Eden Project just up the road. Don’t know any specific places to stay however – I also stay with friends down there … Happy New Year to you too 🙂


  5. Hey Zoe,
    Been following ur and must say that ‘quirky’ would have been the most befitting and honest name.. Do drop in a line if are in India…
    Our little spunky group does some interesting stuff…


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