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The Amphitheatre of Aphrodisias in Turkey

Cicadas zither noisily in the midday sun.  The heat is all-enveloping and brings out the scent of oregano and basil, whilst in the distance the tap-tapping of a lone archaeologist travels across seemingly endless columns, archways and fallen statues.

Aphrodisias Amphitheatre Turkey - photo zoedawes

Sitting half way up the cool marble seats of the Theatre at Aphrodisias, Turkey, you are transported to another world; a world without the immediate gratification of internet access, mobile phone messages, plane travel and fast food. Continue reading


Gorgeous Guernsey and Herm

Gorgeous Guernsey and Herm

A little video of photos from two of the Channel Islands – Gorgeous Guernsey and Heavenly Herm … Click to play: Gorgeous Guernsey and Herm