What is Quirky Travel?

QUIRKY TRAVEL is travelling with your eyes wide open, using all your senses to experience your surroundings in an inspiring, unique way. It means taking your time to explore what’s around you, enjoying the moment and appreciating things fully.

It is NOT about fixed itineries, schedules, facts and figures … We follow the principles of the SLOW MOVEMENT, enabling you to really relax and enjoy your journey, be it for an hour, a day or longer.

Quirky Travel helps you to unwind from the stresses of modern-day living and discover new places, people and perspectives.  You see things you thought were familiar from a new viewpoint,  experiencing travel at a pace that embraces your surroundings.  Quirky Travel is life-enhancing, energising and-  most important of all – enjoyable …



8 responses to “What is Quirky Travel?

  1. Sounds absolutely fab. Nothing better than getting back in touch with our senses – hearing the sound of a gentle gurgling stream, feeling the cool breeze in your face, smelling the scent of the flowers in the hills, seeing the majestic scenery of the Lake District and sipping a cold beer after a refreshing, eye-opening walk.

    All the best Zoë!



  2. As a former native of South Lakeland … all the best with the new venture; it’s just what’s needed. A compromise between the serious mountain stuff and a party of forty-odd passengers having meaningless dates, facts and figures spouted at them.


  3. This sounds wonderful – here’s to all things quirky!


  4. I’m really looking forward to our first QT trip, taking time to travel again through places I know, with my eyes and sences open to the whole expierience. I love Quirky travel anywhere but in my own back yard, perfect, how much fun will this be! See you Tuesday for the North Lakes Tour


    • Delighted that you and Phil are joining us Hilary – forecast for snow so wrap up warm & bring your camera. I can highly recommend your delightful place for the discerning visitor to stay during their time in Cumbria 🙂


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