A Heart is like a Compass

A Heart is Like a Compass

A heart does not understand boundaries
A heart is like a compass
It only knows what it feels
and points that way

A compass needle knows only to point to true North
A heart only points in a direction it feels True
My heart only points, without shame, to you
The same, no matter where I turn, or what I do

Loving you seems the only thing to do

By James T Adair

Boxed compass - photo zoedawes

“Life is a journey” is seen as a cliché these days yet, as with many clichés  it has a resonance to which we can all relate.  The compass is a tangible symbol for the adventure that is life and the different paths and directions we take along the way.  This poem sings to me because of its links to feelings and the heart. As someone who has followed her heart in most ways, loves to travel in mind, body and spirit and believes in the journey as much, if not more than the destination, the compass is the ideal object to begin this series of memories triggered by Quirky Travel objects.

Boxed-compass - zoedawes

This particular compass was given to me by my oldest brother Graeme for my birthday 10 years ago (today!), so it has a very family connection too.  Many years ago I started a business called Chartwell Coaching; the name Chartwell was chosen as it had a link to sailing charts (as well as being Winston Churchill’s home) so the compass was incorporated to represent how to help people chart their lives.

Chartwell Coaching logo - zoedawes

When that business got hit by the recession and The Quirky Traveller was being ‘born’, I needed a new logo  and it was even more relevant to have the compass with all its travel connotations.  This time the very talented designer Adam Thorp created this wonderful image which combines the compass with a lively sense of joie de vivre!

The_Quirky_Traveller_Logo zoedawes

In recent months I have restructured Chartwell Coaching to ZoeDawes.com, providing training and coaching, specialising in working within Tourism, Hospitality and Creative sectors on professional development. So now I am looking for ANOTHER logo, but of course it must incorporate a compass … All suggestions gratefully received!

grey compass zoedawes

The second verse of James T Adair’s poem starts with the lines:

A compass needle knows only to point to true North
A heart only points in a direction it feels True

Hopefully, as you travel along life’s rugged, ridiculous, riotous, romantic and rollicking route you’ll follow your heart and find your true North …


One response to “A Heart is like a Compass

  1. I hadn’t realised just how significant the compass was to my life until I wrote this. It may be a hackneyed image for travel and journeys but it is still effective …


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